Things to Do in North Palm Beach

Pack your bags and head to the awesome town of North Palm Beach, Florida today. This beautiful town has an interest for all just about everyone of every age. Come stay in this great place to relax and take your time to unwind. There are tons of attractions to choose from and experiences ranging from parks, to museums, charters and many other cool attractions. No matter if one is planning a long vacation or just enjoying the weekend with the family, there is plenty to do and see.

One should definitely go for a cruise and sail on the Catamaran Mariah and see all the tropical fish and breathtaking scenery North Palm Beach has to offer. If one has a thirst for some adult beverages one can stop by the Twisted Trunk Brewery and indulge in some tasty beers in an authentic seafront environment. Drinks and a cruise are a blast.

Anyone who enjoys fishing should check out Captain Jack's fishing charter. Get out on the beautiful waters and spend a day catching some really great fish and one should have the dinner of a lifetime, but one will definitely have to work for it luring in the bigger catches of the day. Just go and enjoy some sun and laughter on the high seas for a while, one would be happy they went with Captain Jack's!

Head on out to the South West Corner of U.S. Highway One and Northlake Boulevard and see Cars of Dreams. This museum will make classic car lovers drool. With a beautiful showcase of a private collection of classic cars, any classic car enthusiast one would be thrilled to visit this museum.

Have an eye for tranquil scenery? Then take the 1/3 mile walk or free shuttle service to the beautiful John D. MacArthur State Beach Park. There is plenty to do for the young ones on the beach or even spend the day snorkeling the coast, you can't go wrong with this park.