About North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach is part of Palm Beach County in Florida. It had a population of just 12,000 people in the census taken in 2010. It is famous for being the home of Jack Nicklaus's personal golf course and has won many awards for the beauty of its planned community.

Back in 1954, John MacArthur made a purchase of 2,600 acres of land within Palm Beach County. He bought it from Sir Harry Oakes. On this land, he developed North Palm Beach. The land had been filled with farm land and mangrove swamps before development. In the 1950s there were only two roads going through the city. Once the city was incorporated it developed rapidly as a housing area. A golf course popped up and many people drove into the city for leisure. One of the main roads, Lake Park West Road, was renamed into Northlake Boulevard and it became the site of the city's most prominent shopping center. The Twin City Mall was also built in the shopping center in 1970 and a movie theater was constructed. The famed golfer Jack Nicklaus had loved golfing in the area for many years and so he decided to redesign the city's golf course and reopened it in 2006 with his name attached to it.

As of the last census, there were a total of 6000 households in North Palm Beach. Household income averaged $60,000 per year. The industry is largely tourist based. Not many individuals work within the city itself. Instead, they own land and houses here but drive outside of the small city when they go to work. The ethnic makeup of the city is 93 percent Caucasian 3 percent African American 2 percent Asian American, and other ethnicities to make up the remainder. The average resident of the city is older than the national average with a median age of 50.4 years. The total land mass of the city is 5.8 square miles but 2.2 square miles is water from the small lakes that populate the landscape.